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Calling All Nerds

Jan 30, 2019

Frank Morin is the author of the YA fantasy series Facetakers and Petralist. Frank shares his roard to becoming a published author with great books, awesome covers, and cool art. We talk about his incredible work ethic (one day he wrote 18,000 words!) and dedication to the craft. You can find out more about Frank,...

Jan 23, 2019

Andy is the creator and host of the Andy Overthinks podcast ( and one of my very favorite conversationalists. We tackle everything from the controversial Gillette ad to parenting styles, to giving kids cell phones, to political correctness, to gender equality, and more! (*sorry for the slight echo...

Jan 16, 2019

Stephen Gashler is a storyteller, author, playwright, composer, and singer. He has been entertaining children and adults for over ten years through storytelling, stand-up comedy, and music. I talk about what its like to be a jack of all trades. You can find all Stephen's stuff at

Jan 9, 2019

I speak with my brother, Captain Dr. Steve Thayer about movies, video games, and TV shows in 2018. What were the best, the worst, the most disappointing, and the ones Rotten Tomatoes got wrong. I also review how I did on my 2018 resolutions and lay out my resolutions for 2019.