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Calling All Nerds

Dec 20, 2018

Jodi L. Milner is the author of the YA noble dark fantasy Stonebearer’s Betrayal as well as several short stories appearing in numerous anthologies and SQ Magazine.

In her community, she holds a leadership position in the League of Utah Writers and teaches at chapter meetings and conferences. She’s a world traveler,...

Dec 12, 2018

Kristie has built a hobbit hole in Washington, a tree house in Hawaii (one of Airbnb's top 10 most wish-listed properties), a lookout tower getaway in Idaho, and is working on giant livable potato...just to name a few of her projects. She has been sought after by numerous production companies for a TV show, and is...

Dec 6, 2018

Every fantastical story has extraordinary elements and whether you realize it or not these elements each belong to their own "system." I talk to magic system expert, Clark Rowenson, about the science behind hard, soft, nebulous, and rational magic systems. Buckle up folks, we go full-on nerd in this episode! Go to